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Exploring the Karmic Reason & Repercussion of Childlessness

Having a child is often seen as a natural part of life and a way to leave behind something that will outlive us. But for many, the decision to have a child is much more than just wanting to pass on our legacy. It is about creating an intimate connection with life and finding meaning in the moments we share with our children. Childlessness is uncurable pain to couples.

Childlessness can be an incredibly painful experience, as it often leaves us feeling disconnected from life. However, there are those who have chosen to not have children for karmic reasons. Tthey feel that this decision will help them fulfill their spiritual path in some way or another. Whatever your reason for wanting to have a child may be. It is important to remember that you are longing for a deep sense of involvement with life – something that can only come from having children.

Karmic Reason of Childlessness

It believed by many that a person’s wealth, health, and other aspects of life are determined by the karma. They have accumulated in their previous lives. This means that if someone blessed with wealth in this birth. It implies that they have done lots of good deeds (punya) in their past lives. Similarly, having children is also seen as a result of the karma one has accumulated over time. The belief in karma creates a sense of responsibility among people to do good deeds and be mindful of their actions.

It believed that each soul has a unique destiny and purpose that it needs to fulfill in this life. This destiny determined by the sanchit karma. Which is the accumulation of all the actions and deeds of our past lives. A soul has to wait for the exact constellation of stars before it takes birth in this world based on its sanchit karma. This means that each individual is born with an innate set of talents, abilities and traits that are predetermined by their past lives and experiences. Understand our karma, we can gain insight into why certain events have happened in our life. How we can use them to create more positive outcomes in the future.

Vedic astrology also believes in ‘Rinanu- Bandhan’ (Past Life Debt) meaning that the friend one makes. The enmity one keeps and the family one gets depends on the past life debts.

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