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Here is the meaning of every planet in Astrology

Planet in Astrology

Throughout history, the planets have been one of the most widely studied aspects of astrology. Ancient astrologers believed that the planets represented the will of the gods and their influence on human affairs. They believed that by understanding and interpreting their movements, they could gain insight into what was in store for humanity. Astrologers have studied planetary positions, cycles and patterns as well as their effects on people and events for centuries.

Sun: Ego, Creativity

The sun is an inspiration for all of us to ignite our passions and use them to fuel our creativity. By tapping into the power of the sun, we can unleash our full potential, allowing us to express ourselves freely and make something unique out of nothing.

Moon: Emotion

Lang’s belief that the moon reflects our emotions, senses, instincts, intuition and unconscious selves has been around for centuries. It is believed by many cultures that the moon has a powerful influence on our lives both consciously and unconsciously.

Mercury: Communication

Mercury is a planet that has been associated with intellect and communication since ancient times. According to Lang, it is the planet of internal dialogue and has an influence over our thoughts, ideas, and words.

Venus: Love and Relationships

Venus is associated with all matters of the heart, which includes attraction, desire and sensuality. It also has an influence on how we express ourselves in terms of love and affection towards others.

Mars: Physical energy

Mars can also help us to be more caring and understanding of others. By understanding the symbolism behind Mars, we can use its power to help us become better people and better caretakers of ourselves and those around us.

Jupiter: Luck

Jupiter is an important planet in many cultures and religions, and its influence is often associated with luck, fate, and destiny. It is the planet most closely related to our faiths, beliefs, and philosophies, making it a powerful source of spiritual guidance.

Saturn: Structure

Saturn see as an influential force, both positively and negatively, in an individual’s life. The type of karmas one does determine how much effect this mysterious planet will have on someone’s life.

Uranus: Innovation

Uranus is an enigmatic planet that has captivated astronomers and scientists over time. Due to its unique place in the solar system, the study of Uranus requires a great deal of innovation, science, and technology.

Neptune: Inspiration

Similar to Uranus, it takes a long time to move between signs—about 10 to 12 years—making its influence more broadly a generational one.

Pluto: Rebirth

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