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A Professional Astrologer in USA: How To Read Your Birth Chart

A Professional Astrologer in USA Explains How To Read Your Birth Chart

If you’re new to astrology, you might believe that your Sun sign tells you everything. However, despite being your “main” zodiac sign (and the one you’re most likely to use), it doesn’t reveal everything about your personality. To do so, you must first read your entire birth chart.

An astrology chart, also known as a birth chart or natal chart, is a snapshot of the planets’ positions on the day you were born. It contains powerful information about the energies you were exposed to at the precise moment of your birth. It also speaks to your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for growth, and the absolute best times to make major life changes. A little astrology.

You will need your exact time, date, and place of birth to calculate yours using this free birth chart calculator. It’s important to know the exact time, but if you don’t, just enter noon.

Why is knowing your birth chart so important?

One of the main reasons why knowing your natal chart is important is that it is unique to you. One common misconception about birth charts is that they are individualized horoscopes. While reading your daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly horoscope can provide guidance, reading your chart means receiving targeted and hyper-personalized life guidance (sounds useful, doesn’t it?).

One of the most common misconceptions in astrology is that everyone born under the same Sun sign approaches life in the same way, but natal charts demonstrate (and explain) why this is not the case.

Astrologers use a variety of techniques when analyzing a birth chart to determine how a person uniquely embodies the vibration of their overall birth chart. The first is to examine the planets’ positions in the chart. For example, someone with a Scorpio Sun and a Taurus Moon will act very differently than someone with a Scorpio Sun and an Aquarius Moon.

The same is true for a Scorpio born on a new moon, which means their Sun and Moon are both in Scorpio. This person would feel and act more Scorpio than someone with their Moon in another sign. Because their chart contains a double dose of this sign’s energy.

Another method is to determine which planets the Sun connects within any given birth chart, as worlds rarely stand alone. They either clash or complement each other, and these connections will heavily influence how someone perceives their Sun sign. For example, if a person’s Sun is conjunct Mars, the planet of action and masculine energy. That person will approach life with more ambition than someone whose Sun is not conjunct to Mars.

Because there are ten planets and twelve zodiac signs in astrology, the energy combinations are limitless. Why it’s critical to determine which combination is yours through your birth chart. You don’t have to love what you find once you understand the inner workings of your chart. Everyone, consciously or unconsciously, chooses to respond positively or negatively to their chart.

What does each planet in your birth chart represent?

Understanding your birth chart can help you discover a whole new world within yourself. Each of the solar system’s ten central planetary bodies can be found in your chart, and each one represents a different aspect of yourself.

Your Sun sign represents your “sense of self,” or your identity and the light you came to bring to the world.

The Moon sign is associated with your emotions, which are the aspects of your personality that you only express in private and “behind closed doors.”

Your Mercury sign represents your thought process as well as how you communicate with others.

Venus sign represents how you attract what you want and what (and who) you like and dislike.

Mars’s sign influences how you express your ambition and pursue your goals.

Your Jupiter sign represents your life philosophy and how you attract luck and abundance.

Saturn sign represents your sense of responsibility, as well as the area of life in which you excel.

Uranus represents your mental brilliance as well as the area of your life where you seek freedom.

Your Neptune sign reflects your musical and artistic tastes and any blind spots you may have.

Your Pluto sign represents your soul’s evolution as well as the ways you will transform during this lifetime.

What factors does an astrologer consider when reading a birth chart?

So you’ve entered your birth date, time, and location into a birth chart calculator and received a result—what now? When you cast your natal chart, you will see a circle with a variety of symbols and lines. While many astrology apps and websites can assist you in deciphering them, nothing beats reading with a professional astrologer in USA.

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