Turmeric Remedies

In Indian Astrology: Turmeric is a spice commonly used in Indian cuisine. But it also believed to have spiritual and medicinal properties. For centuries, people have been adding turmeric to their bathing water as a way of bringing good luck and prosperity. It has used to purify the body and soul before important events or ceremonies. In this article, we will explore how turmeric remedies can used for these purposes. And the potential benefits it may bring.
As such, it has become a common practice for many people to add turmeric to their bathwater before special occasions. Or when they need a spiritual cleansing.

It known to be associated with the planet Jupiter, which is the symbol of speech, wealth and knowledge. Therefore, it has used in rituals and other ceremonies to invoke the power of Jupiter. Turmeric believed to bring good luck and prosperity when used in prayers or rituals. Moreover, its medicinal properties make it a popular ingredient in ayurvedic medicines as well.

Turmeric Remedies-

1.To remove Vastu dosha from home, it is good to spray turmeric water mixture for 15 days regularly and then once a week.

2.To increase the positive energy in the house, it is a good idea to make a swastika on the main entrance door.

3.If Jupiter is weak in your horoscope/kundli then tie raw turmeric in yellow cloth and tie it on his arm on Thursday.

4.Turmeric also boosts immunity and therefore used with milk to drink.

5.Protection: Turmeric also used to protect against negative energy and the evil eye.

6.Healing of Harmful Planets: Turmeric used as a remedy for sedation of harmful planets according to Vedic Astrology.

7.Vastu Shastra: Turmeric believed to bring positive energy to the home and workplace when kept there.

8.While doing laxmi pooja, it is good to offer beads of yellow turmeric, it will attract money in life.

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