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Vastu Shastra As A Tool For Preserving Life’s Equilibrium

Many people struggle to comprehend the concept of the balance of life because it is so mysterious and complex. In this situation, the Vastu Shastra explains this balance of life and assists you in understanding it. A person must comprehend the “balance of life” living model because failing to do so means maintaining ignorance about how its imbalance can lead to a variety of mental and physical sufferings in your life.

Moreover, when life’s scales are skew, you find yourself surround by a myriad of problems, challenges, and difficulties of your own. According to Vastu Shastra, a person’s living space is of utmost significance in determining the course of his life because such locations emit the subtle energy of what we refer to as cosmic forces, or Pahchmahabutas, such as earth, water, air, fire, and sky.

Vastu Shastra asserts that the proper balancing of these cosmic forces and elements enlivens the soul of every occupant of a living space, whether it be your home or place of business. Therefore, these cosmic forces properly integrated into the structures of any residential or commercial building. A building constructed in this way automatically encourages the improvement of its occupants’ abilities.

Vastu Shastra: A Scientific Approach to Healing and Humanity’s Good

A long-standing science, Vaastu, also has the virtue of harnessing the energy of cosmic forces for the benefit of mankind, just like every discipline of science. That normally advocates facts-based and true approaches for the good of mankind.

Vastu is thought to have come from the Vedas, specifically from the Atharva Veda.

It holds that because the planet and human beings build as a result of cosmic energies, or Pahchmahabutas, these forces have immediate effects on every part of our lives. They are the fundamental forces that govern and have an impact on every moment of human life as they fundamentally cast their respective influences on that life.

So that the occupants living there can benefit from the positive influences of these natural forces, structures of any residential and commercial establishments and their surroundings must involve the proper integration of these cosmic forces.

Can we claim that Vastu is a science and not a work of fiction?

Similar to how existence on earth is a fact, Vastu’s tenets never change. It is based on the fundamental forces and magnetic pulls of the planets and other celestial bodies in the universe. Vastu principles never cease to exist.

Vastu, as a science, possesses all the necessary fundamentals, such as logic, merits, computational capability, stability, healing property. And profitability, for any science to be accepted as fact-based and verify. These are the innate qualities that establish Vastu’s suitability as a tool for changing people’s lives.

Therefore, it is clear and unarguable that Vastu is a science and not a work of fiction.

To put it another way, Vastu’s fundamental principles work similarly to how doctors use medical science to treat patients with serious illnesses and aid in their recovery.

Therefore, applying Vastu principles in such living spaces can neutralize these malefic energies, assisting the occupants in achieving sound health, peace, happiness, and prosperity in their lives. If a house is curs with malefic cosmic energy that produces ill and ominous results in the life of its occupants.

Golden Vastu Shashtra Principles to Follow in a Home or Living Space –

  • Do not construct a home close to a cemetery or a hospital. They emit poisonous energy.
  • Avoid spending the night next to an iron beam that gives you headaches, shoulder pain, or other depressive-related suffering.
  • Make sure a house has well-lit, spotless corners in every room. Keep the center of the house clear of clutter.
  • Face the southwest corner of the home in the family bedroom. This orientation radiates good energy, which is advantageous for the home’s residents.
  • To allow for eastward-facing prayer, the Puja Ghar should face northeast.
  • The Vastu-friendly direction for the kitchen is southeast, which is the direction dominated by fire. As an alternative, the northwest is a good direction for the kitchen.
  • A decent direction for a home’s entry is either east, west, or north.
  • Keep aquariums, water fountains, and other items that involve water out of bedrooms.
  • A bedroom mirror should be positioned so that it doesn’t reflect the room.

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