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Vastu Tips for Stress Free Married Life

In today’s changing times everyone wishes for a happy married life and wants to spend their lives with lots of laughter and happiness. However, nowadays, this is not possible with every marriage. Doubt, disagreements, and lack of understanding lead to conflicts in a relationship that harm a happy married life. Please follow the following remedies and vastu tips for married life.

Bedroom location:

The spouses’ bedroom should be located in a southwest or northwest direction. The southwest direction is good for couples because this direction guarantees love and increases bonding and understanding between spouses. If southwest orientation is not available; Then the next best direction is northwest. Make sure that the couple sleeps with their heads facing south as it allows all positive energies to flow from the north direction.

Place of Mirror :

Mirrors are the enemies of the master bedroom. Mirrors are the biggest source of attraction to negativity and lead to disagreements, fights and discomfort in a relationship. When it comes to marriage, mirrors should be placed farther from the room, whether in the dressing room or in the bathroom. In the absence of a separate room for mirrors, the best place for them is to be away from the bed and covered at night.

Bedroom window

A window that allows energy to flow back and forth. This reduces stress and works as one of the excellent Vastu tips for increasing the love between husband and wife.

Plant a money plant

An amazing fact about the money plant is that it grows when grown anywhere. Moreover, it symbolises the planet Venus. Thus, the relationship between husband and wife grows and sweetens.

Vastu Tips for Married Life

  • Always sleep with the head facing south and the leg facing north.
  • One should hang pictures and pictures on the wall that signify something positive like landscapes, scenic beauty or childhood picture of Lord Krishna to spread an optimistic atmosphere in the bedroom.
  • The entrance door is very essential as it allows all the optimistic energies and opportunities. Thus, make sure that all the doors in the house open at 90 degree alignment because a half-open door may represent a half-heartedness towards things in life.
  • The placement of mirrors in the bedroom should be taken into account because misplaced mirrors in the bedroom can generate a bad omen and a pessimistic aura.
  • Do not paint the bedroom walls in dark colors.
  • Avoid metal beds and those with storage space (even wooden ones).
  • Refrain from placing mirrors in the bedroom.
  • Never place the bed under the crossbar as it may adversely affect the health of the couple.
  • Avoid any stocking in the beds as they attract negativity.
  • Avoid metal or plastic furniture, as they are noisy and unstable. He makes a bad impression and lacks support.

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