What is Fortune Telling ? Purpose of fortune teller?

Fortune telling has been a practice that has intrigued and fascinated people for centuries. It involves predicting information about a person’s life, often using various tools and methods such as tarot cards, palmistry, astrology, or crystal ball gazing. The scope of fortune telling is closely linked to the practice of divination.

The purpose of a fortune teller is to act as a medium between the individual seeking answers and the realm of the unknown. They provide guidance, insight, and predictions about various aspects of life including love, career, health, and finances. Fortune tellers are believe to possess special abilities or intuition that allows them to tap into hidden knowledge or higher forces.

People seek out fortune tellers for different reasons. Some may be looking for clarity in their lives or seeking reassurance about their decisions. Others may be curious about what the future holds or simply seeking entertainment. Regardless of the motivation behind seeking a fortune teller’s services. Their purpose is to offer guidance and support through their unique skills.

Purpose of Fortune Teller

It is important to note that while many find solace in consulting with fortune tellers. It is ultimately up to each individual to make choices and decisions that shape their own destiny. Fortune telling should seen as a tool for self-reflection rather than an absolute predictor of one’s future.

In conclusion, the purpose of a fortune teller is to provide insight and predictions about an individual’s life using various divination methods. They act as intermediaries between seekers and hidden knowledge while offering guidance and support along the way.

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